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“What possibilities?” you might ask. We have amazing finds that let you explore your many talents – in music, visuals, photography, singing…you name it. So whether you’re a budding artist or a shower-singer, grab that mouse (or mike) and click (or sing) your heart away!

  • Want to make music? We’ve got a full range of musical instruments such as guitars, drum sets, keyboards…
  • How about wanting to mix music and get the crowd swinging? Explore our range of DJ mixers and equipment.
  • Or would you rather take the stage and wow them with your vocals? For that, we have broad range of Karaoke equipment.
  • And if music isn’t your thing, we’ve got a whole range of other activities and hobbies covered… from astronomy to photography, travel accessories to gaming and plenty in between

With fun & funky finds from the world over, brands that delight, technologies that open up exciting options and some pretty awesome deals — we take you just a step closer to exploring your artistic talents and hobbies.
Opening a Buxsa should be a moment of anticipation – so log on to www.buxsa.com and order your own. There’s a whole new world of possibilities for you to discover. For you to POWER ON.

We’ve only just met, but we already like you!

At Buxsa, we’re truly on the customer’s side – that’s you! We’re young, passionate about what we do but we also have our feet firmly on the ground – making sure earning your trust remains the centre of our focus. After all, it is the foundation of a good relationship. That’s why you won’t encounter unpleasant surprises along the way. What you see is what you get. And yes, happiness does increase when shared and has a way of making its way around. So we’re constantly looking to delight customers like you and improve your experience here.


 Why (we think!) you might love us back! What makes shopping with us so different?

More anticipation (the good kind), less hassle (we could all use that, right?). Shopping at Buxsa is reliable (your purchase will reach you in the way you bought it), safe (state of the art security system to protect your information) and flexible (15 day replacement guarantee, yay!). Need we say more?

Here is a glimpse at what’s in store:

Value like no other!

Ever notice the DISCO in Discounts? While we don’t make a big deal about our prices, our offers and prices are guaranteed to make you jump with joy A selection that’ll get your adrenalin pumping, like Nintendo Wii’s Inflatable Racing Kart. Thought something like that didn’t exist? Well it does. Browse and see for yourself! Here’s the showstopper. We have some of the most exclusive products available for purchase, right here. We’re talking international brands that you’d rarely get access to. No more waiting around till that uncle, aunt or cousin living abroad visits you!
Intelligent and informed choices!

Want to buy a kickass camera lens but don’t necessarily have the know-how to choose it? Or you’re simply searching for unbiased reviews on any given product? Buxsa is here to help you buy better and smarter. Browse through our videos, reviews and discussions to arrive at better decisions – every single time.
We know the innards of the country!

So whether you live in Ratnagiri or Wasseypur, we’ll make sure we get it to you – one way or another! You need not lose sleep worrying about your online transactions, thanks to our super secure system. Our delivery guys make sure your purchase is handled with love, so no damages to your new baby We dislike fakes as much as you do. Therefore only 100% genuine products for you.
Before, after or during your purchase, we are ever ready to support you with info regarding any product. Ask us anything! As long as you meet a minimum order of INR 500 (Love us? Then show it!), there’s Zero delivery charges (you read that right) Enough talk! Let’s see what’s on your wish list, shall we? Browse products now.

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Call Us: 80808BUXSA (8080828972)

Email id : Customercare@buxsa.com


B 111, Mandpeshwar Industrial Estate,
Opp MCF Club, Prem Nagar,
Borivali West,
Mumbai – 400092.

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